Contact Aliases

Identifying customers or guests when no contact name is present

Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

As a means to conveniently identify an anonymous customer, each customer is generated a friendly Alias (e.g., Pink Cheetah) in English. This can be added to notification templates using the smart field #{{ nickname }}, which will help thread the conversation with a guest in your email inbox.

Previously, anonymous Conversations within the Loop Inbox only had the Loop ID as a unique identifier. This random string of numbers and letters was not a convenient method for referencing specific conversations. Email notifications would mention that "Someone responded to your Conversation" as well, rather than referencing the specific Conversation in the context of the notification.

The Contact Alias feature allows Team Members and Managers to reference specific Conversations within the Loop Inbox more efficiently. By affixing this Alias, email notifications have a unique reference to use when no other information is provided.

This feature is enabled by default for new accounts. When enabled, this Alias will appear in the guest profile pane, and in place of the guest’s name (if it is not known) in any guest conversation.

The Alias feature is an Account configuration option (default ON for new accounts).

To turn the feature on or off, you'll need Super Administrator privileges to access the Admin interface. From there, you'll navigate to Advanced > Account Settings. Under Account Settings, you can toggle the Alias feature on or off by selecting the toggle under the "Employee Inbox" section (displayed below).

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