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Messages that are automatically sent back as replies to Loop activities

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Creating, Editing Templates

Templates are used to send automated messages to Team Members or to guests based on the criteria established within the template. These templates can be edited as needed.

To edit an invitation template, go to Account Admin, select Content and then Templates:

The below screenshot displays examples of the types of templates a super admin can create for different scenarios within your account. Events like comments, escalations, new accounts, etc. can have templates created for them. You can also assign these templates to specific locations within the account.

To edit a template, double click on it, make the desired changes and click Save.

NOTE: You can edit any free-form template text. Information referenced inside the "curly brackets" ({{}}) are placeholders for specific pieces of information relating to your account.

Creating New Templates

You can create new templates by clicking on Create option on the Overview tab:

When creating a Template, you will need to select the Location it applies to, the title of the Template, as well as the Type of Template. Types dictate when these messages will be sent out from Loop.
A list of all of the available variable formats you can use in a template can be seen by selecting the Variable Definitions dropdown menu:

Complete the invitation template and click Save:

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