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Customer Success Overview

Our approach to customer success

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Customer Success is Benbria's chosen business methodology of ensuring that customers achieve their desired outcomes while using Loop. Customer Success is relationship-focused and aligns goals for mutually beneficial outcomes.

In a nutshell, Customer Success is about a being proactive, while Customer Support is about being reactive. When combined, your chances of success are much higher.

The key functions of the Customer Success Team include:

  • Onboarding

  • Education

  • Training

  • Professional Services

  • Customer Success

  • Account Management

  • Customer Support

Our Customer Success Team includes resources with various skillsets that work closely with customers from pre-sales through onboarding and renewal:

  • Implementation Specialists - implement your program and manage your project.

  • Customer Success Managers - proactively engage with you in an ongoing manner and act as your primary contact as it relates to expansions and renewals.

  • Customer Support Specialists - provide technical support when you run into issues.

As such, your overall success is managed throughout your journey with us. We invest in regular activities to help spot problems and opportunities, and align roadmaps and initiatives:

  • Regular Check-In's - we check in with you proactively or establish a cadence to maintain a positive relationship with you.

  • Monthly Health-Checks - we review your account internally to ensure things are working as expected and you are continually receiving value.

  • Executive Business Reviews - we establish a cadence and agenda to meet with you to report back on the performance of the program and align on strategic initiatives and roadmaps.

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