Double Opt-In

This article will take you through the double opt-in feature as well as best practices for its implementation.

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Special Note: A conversation WILL NOT be created in your inbox until the customer verifies their contact information.

The Double Opt-In feature is a great tool to use that helps you to maintain positive experiences with your customers while ensuring you are interacting with a real a person.

What is Double Opt-In?

Double Opt-In sends a confirmation email/SMS to your customer after they have provided a contact email or phone number. The confirmation email/SMS asks the customer to verify that they wanted to initiate a conversation with your staff.

How to enable Double Opt-In?

To enable, head over to Advanced> Account Settings in the administrative view:

Next, you will want to enable Double Opt-In under Privacy Policy and Opt-In

Important to note there are some additional settings that need to be enabled in addition. They are the following:

  • Contact Info Required

  • Always prompt for contact info

  • Comment not required

These settings ensure that a Loop conversation is created properly in your Inbox.

Once these settings are enabled, when a customer enters their email/SMS information, they will receive an automated message asking them to confirm their submission.

Setting an Automated Message

This message can be configured under the administrative site under Content> Templates.

Once here, click on Create Template. Here you can create a title for the template and select the applicable locations. Next, under the Type dropdown, select Contact Verify.

This will pre-populate a default message with the appropriate merge tags for the customer to verify their account.

This is what the customer sees in their email inbox:

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