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How to export your custom dashboard as a PDF

Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

The custom dashboards within your Loop Inbox can now be exported as a PDF file to share with other stakeholders that may not have access to your Loop account.

In order to do so, navigate to the Custom Dashboards section in your Loop Inbox. This section can be accessed by clicking the Reporting option in the toolbar on the left (note that access to reporting is a user permission that must be turned on when configuring the user account).

Once there, click on the dashboard you would like to export.

On the dashboard page, you will see two buttons in the upper right hand corner.

The button on the left will allow you to export the entire dashboard as a single PDF file even if your dashboard has multiple pages. In the case of the sample dashboard above, we have two pages. By choosing the Export Dashboard as a PDF option, we have the ability to export a single PDF file with all the panels included from both pages on the dashboard.

The button on the right will allow you to export a single page of your dashboard as a PDF file. Only panels from the page on which you are currently will be exported as part of this operation.

The downloaded PDF will include each panel from the dashboard on its own page. Thus, if your dashboard has a total of 15 panels spread across two pages and you wish to Export Dashboard as PDF, your downloaded PDF file will contain 15 pages each with their own panel.

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