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Loop Experience Platform Release 4.2
Loop Experience Platform Release 4.2

Released on October 27th, 2021

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This release was focused on facilities management and hospitality in support of collecting more granular insights and automating action. This included formalizing how rooms are managed on the platform as well as downstream features related to surveys, conversations and tickets.

New Features

Room Type Settings

Added basic support for room types and rooms. Room types are ideal for collecting feedback and resolving issues related to any type of room including guest rooms, event rooms, washrooms, classrooms etc. Rooms can be imported in bulk via CSV.

Room Types are configurable within the settings in the Loop 360 user experience:

Note: Currently only our operations team can create new room types from a licensing perspective.

Location Reference Questions

Added a location reference question type for surveys to specify the location and room within a survey response. Reference questions can be leveraged via URL parameters making them ideal for use within dynamic QR Codes when the location and/or room needs to be specified and pre-populated within the response.

Location reference questions have been added to reporting available with the survey project insights tab as well as dashboards. This allows for granular reporting on answers to location reference questions.

Location reference questions are available within survey actions as well for creating tickets and/or conversations more accurately based on location and/or room.

Feature Enhancements

Dynamic Multi-QR Code for Link Channels

Added the ability to generate dynamic QR codes in bulk for each location and/or room within a link channel. The QR Codes are contextualized to each location and/or room simplifying the collection process.

Global Survey Projects

Survey projects can now be either global or related to a specific location.

Rooms In Tickets & Conversations

Added rooms to conversations and tickets. Conversations and tickets can be related to specific rooms in addition to locations for workflow and reporting purposes.

Accessibility Compliance

Ongoing accessibility compliance enhancements for surveys related to ADA, AODA, WCAG and Section 508.

Bug Fixes


Various usability enhancements related to user interfaces and existing features.

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