Ticket Resolutions

Resolving customer experience issues and analyzing trends

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Ticket Resolutions are customizable options that can be created to track how a ticket was resolved. These can be set and changed as needed through the Settings section.

The main benefit of tracking how tickets are resolved is that it assists in determining potential factors that may impact your business. For example, if you are finding that resolutions are requiring gift cards or other compensation, you will have a way to track the volume of these resolutions and adjust your operations accordingly.

Setting Up Resolutions

Navigate to the Settings section and you will see the option for Resolutions.

Here you will be able to add and modify any Resolutions you wish.

To get started, click on the green + Add button. This will present you with the options to Name the resolution, enter a Description, and make sure it is Active.

Once entered, be sure to click the Save button.

Once you have created your Resolutions, you want to ensure that you have selected the Enable Resolutions check box.

Reporting on Resolutions

Similar to Root Causes, Resolutions can be tracked in the Dashboard section.

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