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Loop Experience Platform Release 4.3
Loop Experience Platform Release 4.3

Released on December 1st, 2021

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The focus of this release included enhancements to existing features to further support enterprise use cases related to auditing, access control, survey distribution, operations and reporting.

New Features

Twilio Account Settings

A new settings page has been added to the Loop 360 user experience allowing partners and/or customers to leverage their own Twilio Account or Sub Account details within Loop for SMS/MSS and WhatsApp usage.

The settings page is broken down into three key sections:

  • Credentials

  • Usage Tracking

  • Regulatory Compliance

Login as a Super Admin to access the Twilio settings page in Loop 360:

Feature Enhancements

Creating Tickets From the Inbox

The Loop 360 user experience now includes the ability to create a ticket directly from the inbox. When a ticket is created from the inbox, the source of the ticket is set to a conversation from a reporting perspective.

To create a ticket from the inbox click on the ticket icon from the top of the inbox:

A new ticket overlay is presented which includes details required to create the ticket and link it to the conversation from a source perspective which is convenient for those managing the inbox and communicating with customers. If the location contains rooms, the room can be specified within the ticket as well in addition to the location:

Ticket Source Reporting

Reporting on the source of tickets has been added. This allows a brand to understand where their tickets are coming from when reviewing volumes on a regular basis.

The following ticket sources are supported within the platform:

  • Conversations

  • Surveys

  • Email

  • Internal

Ticket List View Counts

Counts have been added for select ticket list view filters such as My Tickets and Open Tickets so that a user managing tickets can quickly understand how many open tickets they own or have access to:

Allow HTML and Markdown Comments to Display Rich Text in the Inbox

Using the Loop API, a new conversation can be created with rich text formats including HTML and Markdown allowing for effective presentation of the initial comment within the inbox. This helps present content effectively such as a the order details from an eCommerce platform and other 3rd party content.

Room Selection for Tickets

Within a ticket a room can be selected in addition to a location. If a location has no rooms, the room selection field will not be displayed.

Room Selection for Conversations

Within the inbox a room can be selected in addition to a location. If a location has no rooms, the room selection field will not be displayed.

Displaying the PMS Reservation ID Within the Inbox & Segments

When a guest engages within the inbox during an active stay, the Reservation ID is available for front desk managers. This provides additional context for the user responding to the guest such that they can easier reference and access the reservation details if required. Guest stay records are accurately created and updated based on reservation details.

Reservation ID has also been added to the segments for filtering if desired providing a quick an easy way to look up specific guests by stay:

Distributing Multiple Surveys on a Kiosk

Using the Loop 360 user experience, multiple survey can be distributed onto kiosk channels allowing brands to maximize their investment in kiosks and collect more insights. This works great for large sites or locations like hotels that contain internal locations such as restaurants, spas or stores.

A multi-survey kiosk displays surveys in the following manner:

Broadcast Messaging Permissions

Additional permissions have been added including permissions for creating, reading, updating and deleting broadcast messages.

The permissions for broadcast messaging can be found via the user page in the admin section of Loop Classic:

Auditing Broadcast Messages

Auditing for broadcast messages has been added so that team members can keep track of the changes that they have been made. This includes created by, created on, updated by and updated on:

Multi-Brand Email Templates

With Loop 360, now you are able to create email templates for each brand within your portfolio. We are currently supporting an advanced capabilities in this area and we are considering adding a formal email template designer to Loop in the future.

Removed Features


The legacy out-of-office feature has been replaced by the new Business Hours feature. Business hours supports shift-based scheduled along with effective away messages to set expectations for customers as to when team members are working and able to respond via the inbox.

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