This article will outline the steps needed to create and distribute surveys via email using the Tripleseat Integration.

Once you have successfully configured your Tripleseat Integration, you will want to ensure that your email templates are set up to represent your brand correctly.

Head on over to the Projects and select the survey project you wish to distribute via email.

Once you have selected your project, go to the Distributions tab. Here you will see Email channels highlighted with some pre-formatted email templates you can use or start from scratch. For the purpose of this article we will use the pre-formatted templates and modify as needed. Click on Start Designing to begin.

You will see the Subject line for your email at the top of this panel, this will be displayed as the subject line when your customer receives this email so make it relevant to your survey.

Below that you will see the outline of your email. You can click and modify every aspect of this template. You can switch between desktop and mobile views, update the logo and images, modify the text and their containers, as well as modify the buttons to send to your survey link. You have the full ability to customize your email template so it matches your brand standards.

Once you have the look and feel of your email template you will want to ensure your survey is linked properly using the Take the Survey button. Click on the button and you will see the options to add an action. Click on the dropdown and select the Link Channel for your selected survey. This will link the correct survey to the button in your email and allow your customers to leave feedback.

Once done making the changes to your template, click on the green Save button.

If you have followed the proper steps to set up your Tripleseat Integration, your email template will be sent out to your customers to gather feedback around your event.

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