Reporting is simple in Loop 360! We offer automatic and downloadable real-time in survey projects and enterprise edition custom dashboards.

You can use our PDF and CSV exports to analyze and share your data. Not every stakeholder in the organization will want to, or have access to your data in Loop.

Easily keep everyone informed by creating specific dashboards catering to different members or departments within the business. Whether you share information daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly with various members of the organization, you save time by exporting your dashboards.

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Exporting Survey Data

When you log into your account, on the left side bar, you will access the Projects Tab. In your projects tab, you will want to view insights for your dashboard or your list of survey responses.

In the insights tab, you can filter what timeframe you would like to review and download your PDF report using the PDF icon.

In the responses tab, you can filter what timeframe you would like to review and download a full CSV file of all the responses. This will provide you will all data need for our own analytical purposes.

Custom Dashboard Data Exporting

Exporting custom dashboard data allows you to collect a holistic overview of all locations, channels, and surveys over a time range. You can also filter these settings to look at particular locations. You can download a PDF files to distribute to your clients, management, and staff.

To access the custom dashboard, when you enter your account you will navigate to the projects tab. You will find your dashboard project.

In your dashboard project, you will find the filter options to view your data. Once you select the specific fields you would like to review and download, select the PDF icon to download your report.

You can also subscribe to weekly reports. Read our help enter article to learn more about dashboard subscriptions.

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