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Overview of Loop 360 Survey Experience
Overview of Loop 360 Survey Experience
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

You can now upgrade your existing survey to our new survey experience. With this new experience comes a new survey designer and survey presenter offering more flexibility than ever before.

The new survey experience comes with a variety of settings and configuration options to more easily create a survey tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits of the new survey designer.

To build your survey, you can access the Survey Designer in the your Survey Project found in your Projects Tabs in the left black sidebar. How to create a survey project article provides instructions on how to create a survey project.

1. Sub-Menu Tabs

In your Designer tab, you are able to access the Designer, Preview, Logic and Translation sub-menu tabs.

  • Designer: When you access your survey, the Designer tab will appear main page when you access the Design feature.

  • Preview: You can preview your survey presenter screen to view what the customer sees and how they interact with the survey

  • Logic: This tab provides a summary of all conditional logic included in your survey. Learn about conditional logic here.

  • Translation: Loop software has available translations to offer different languages. You can download the translation into a CSV for translation and enter the translation text as appropriated. Translations will appear as a drop down in the survey presenter for customers.

2. Question Types

To start building your survey, you will have to select the questions types that you wish to add and edit. All questions types that are available in Loop can be found in the left sidebar of your Survey Designer.

More information on question types can be found in our Survey Question Article

3. Survey Display

The survey display provides a visualization of how your survey appears. You can edit your question title, drag the question to move the order of questions, scroll down to questions and pages, make the question required, and delete the question.

You can also select the question to access the question settings on the right-hand panel. Learn more about question settings here.

4. Survey Settings

In your survey settings you can edit the general layout and features of the feature. You can access the General Survey settings when you select the Design tab, or select the grey area of the survey display.

Our new survey experience offers a wide-range of customization. Learn how to customize your survey here.

5. Survey Navigation

On the right-hand side above the survey settings panel, you will find the survey navigation. Select the page or question that appears and a pre-defined dropdown will appear. The drop down will allow you to navigate to the specific page or question you wish to view.

6. Survey Toolbar

The toolbar allows you undo your latest edit, redo the latest edit, save your survey, and view or hide the settings panel.

If you are interested in updating your survey to the new experience, contact your Customer Success Team at

Important Note: The survey experience is only available for iPad tablet kiosks.

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