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Loop 360 users can now distribute surveys over email to a specified contacts list.

This article will cover how to upload a contact list, schedule a new delivery, edit an existing delivery and the email distribution settings.

Survey Email Distribution

To create a survey email distribution for a specified list of contacts, navigate to your survey Project folder located in the Projects tab in the left sidebar menu, and select the Survey you wish to distribute.

When you have located and opened your Survey, navigate to the Distributions tab and select email from the listed options.

Select Get Started to create an email design for your survey distribution. Loop provides several default templates or you can start from scratch.

Email Design distributions can also be changed or updated by selecting Modify Email Design. It is important to note modifying the email distribution design impacts any upcoming scheduled deliveries.

Uploading a Contact List

Once the content and design of the email have been completed, the distribution of the survey can be configured.

Select Upload Contacts List from the email distributions menu. You will be prompted to name the list and Upload a CSV file.

If you do not see the Edit Contacts List option you have not completed the email design, this must be set up before Loop will allow the upload of a contact list.

You can also download a CSV Template, see below for an example of the format required.

Contact lists for email distribution can be re-uploaded as many times as necessary; to apply edits and contact changes for example. Only the most recent version is used by Loop to send your survey. We recommend using CSV, Exce,l and Google Sheets for importing your contacts.

Scheduling an Email Distribution

To schedule an email distribution select New Delivery.

Loop requires a contact list in order to create an email distribution, if you are unable to create a new delivery your email distribution does not have an associated contact list.

Deliveries can be configured to be sent out immediately (sent within 5 minutes of creation) or to be sent out at a scheduled time in the future. Be sure to select Confirm once complete to save your new delivery.

Once created, deliveries will appear in a listing of upcoming distributions in chronological order based on creation.

All successfully sent email distributions will be listed with the date and time the distribution was sent, as well as other key metrics.

**Important Note: If you upload a new list of contacts, you will have to reconfigure. your scheduled deliveries**

For Tripleseat integrations, your scheduled deliveries will automatically be populated and you will be able to see your Tripleseat email deliveries.

If you are a Loop account Administrator or Owner and are unable to locate Email Distributions please reach out to our Support Team at and we will do our best to assist!

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