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The Loop Kiosk is an always-on, connected, interactive, touchscreen device that encourages customer engagement during the customer experience. Benbria supports two lines of the Kiosk - the A-Series (Apple-based, shown below) and C-Series (ChromeOS-based).

Kiosk User Experience

The kiosk serves as an attract option and collects customer answers to configurable questions and comments. The kiosk experience consists of two components: (1) the intro video and (2) the questions and comment part. The video is played continuously in a loop while the kiosk is idle.

It is an introduction to the customer kiosk experience that is meant to communicate the brand’s message, but also pique customer curiosity and attract their attention to the kiosk. Benbria offers a wide-range of royalty-free videos that can be used at any location. Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing videos with unexpected elements work great for attracting customers and prompting them to interact with the product.

While in the intro mode, the kiosk displays UI elements that hint at the interactions that customers can have - proceeding to the questions page and changing the kiosk language, if multiple languages are available for this location kiosk:

Once the customer engages with the kiosk, the video pauses and the intro UI elements slide out to transition into the questions screen. Note that the UI supports three yes/no questions and one free-form comment question:

As a last step, the kiosk will prompt the customer for their contact information.

Once the customer adds their votes with an optional comment and their contact information, the answers are recorded and the scoreboard is updated. If customer chooses to add a comment, a new routed loop will be send to the Employee Inbox. If they chose to provide their contact information, the system will automatically notify them on any updates on their loop.

Comments and contact information prompts can be disabled on kiosk. It is possible to configure custom video for each individual location or to have one video shared across all kiosks. It is possible to use a static image instead of a video.

Kiosk Standard Flow

The Loop Kiosk application (HTML5 web package) behaves as depicted in the diagram below:

Kiosk Content Customization


The number of questions and question content can be customized.

Warning: Changing question categories or semantics of the questions after deployment may impact Reporting data tied to the changed question. Please contact Support for more information.

Comments & Contact Information

Comments and contact information collection can be enabled/disabled on kiosk via Bootstrap Advanced Settings page.


Pulse kiosks support display of multiple languages. Additional languages need to be enabled for the Loop account and all the corresponding translations should be added to Loop. On the Locations page in Bootstrap, we allow selecting which languages to enable for the specific location. The location kiosk will honour the language settings.

For example, out of three different languages enabled for the Loop account, all three can be selected for one location, but only two for another location. On the kiosk, there is a language toggle that allows customers to change the display language (for locations that have multiple languages configured). Only languages enabled for this location will appear in the kiosk toggle.

All text items on Pulse mobile and kiosk are localized and can be customized via the Account Translations on Content -> Text Translations page. The text items cannot be set to empty strings, as the buttons and other elements are part of the kiosk and mobile experience.

Kiosk Media Customization

Accent Color

Pulse Solution allows setting an accent colour via Bootstrap Multimedia page. The accent colour is used for the overlay displayed on top of the video or background image on kiosk (the purpose of the overlay is to slightly mute the background providing better contrast for text elements).

Background Image

A static image may be substituted, but must meet the following resolution minimums:

Kiosk Advanced Functionality

This section introduces the details of the Pulse Kiosk Solution advanced features, such as offline caching of the loops, theming of the mobile and scoreboard using colour picker, localization and more.

Offline Mode

When a kiosk loses Internet connectivity it enters Offline Mode. The kiosk will continue to display the Survey, collect Responses and otherwise function normally. Responses are cached and stored locally on the device with their original timestamp. Responses will not be lost if the device or the app is restarted while in Offline Mode.

In addition to caching customer loops, the kiosk caches all of the multimedia content, survey questions and other settings.

Once the kiosk regains connection to the Internet and Loop server all cached Responses are submitted. Since the scoreboard and digest emails typically summarize the current day's data and original timestamps are preserved, any 'old' cached Responses from prior days may not appear on the scoreboard or digests, but will contribute to heat maps and other historical reporting.

Note: after the initial load, the kiosk always loads the page from the cache. So any new updates do not appear on the page right away. After the kiosk detects an update it renders a message that a newer version is detected and reloads the page to get the latest. If necessary, Loop Device Registration page can always be used to trigger an update on a remote kiosk.

Video Auto-Play

Apple iOS 8 disallows auto-playing video content when a web page is loaded. In order to support Apple devices, we added an introduction page that prompts customers to allow playing the video. The page is displayed once after every kiosk refresh:

Additional Kiosk Notes

Benbria provides guidance on ordering kiosk stands.

A consistent and strong internet connection is crucial. The solution has certain features built-in to counteract intermittent outages, please consult Advanced Features section for details.

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