Auto-Tagging Conversations

Configuring Tags to be automatically applied to Conversations in the Inbox

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Auto-Tagging will assign a tag automatically based on matching specific keywords or phrases. The result is tags assigned based on response text without requiring Team Member involvement:


Tag Suggestions and Auto Tagging do not interfere with normal tag workflow. Automatically-suggested tags can be removed or others added:

Feature Provisioning

Benbria must enable ‘Guest Temperature’:

Configuring Tags & Keywords

Tag configuration UI – both Tag Suggestions and Auto-Tagging are configured below:

Note: saving an automated tag with no keyword will result in an error.

Important: Please note that only manager users with “reassign” permission will be able to see this message and confirm the tag assignment.

Tag Suggestions

Tag suggestions are automatically detected, but require confirmation by an associate before they are assigned:

In this example, the ‘Towel Request’ tag will be automatically prompted based on matched keywords.

Note: this is smarter than simple keyword matching. Derived forms of the keywords will be matched as well. For instance, the keywords "go shopping" will match all the expressions "I want to go out shopping", "I went to the shop", "the shop I wanted to go to was too expensive", and more...

Upon clicking ‘Yes’ the tag is added to the loop. The tag assignment will be reflected in the history on the Loop Details page. The tagging activity appears as a System activity and contains the matching keywords, which resulted in the tag assignment:

Multiple tags will be suggested as necessary:

Tag Suggestions are not automatically assigned until the manager confirms.

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