Ticket Status

Customizable ticket status used to segment tickets and establish proper operational workflows

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Ticket Status

Ticket Status is a customizable feature that can be created based on where a ticket is in its lifecycle. You use the Ticket Status to quickly segment your tickets based on a variety of factors.

In its simplest form, a Ticket Status would be Open, Resolved, or Unresolved.

Open: tickets have yet to be resolved and require action.

Resolved: tickets came to a conclusion that satisfied the customer and are closed. Unresolved: tickets are those that are closed but did not satisfy the customer or the customer was unresponsive.

Ticket State

Ticket State is a binary indicator of a ticket being Open or Closed. It is a standard measure used to filter your tickets.

How to Set Ticket Status

Navigate to the Settings section, and choose Status:

Here you will see the different Statuses that have been created. You are able to create new Statuses, edit existing Statuses, and activate/deactivate Statuses.

Creating New Ticket Status

Clicking the Add button will open a popup window where you create a new Ticket Status. The available fields are:

Name: displays in the dropdown selection of the ticket.

State: indicates if the Status is Open/Closed.

Require Root Cause: indicates whether a Root Cause is needed for the status to be updated.

Require Resolution: indicates whether a Resolution is needed for the status to be updated.

Active: indicates if the Ticket Status is enabled.

Once you have created your Ticket Statuses, they will appear in the dropdown options of your ticket.

When you change a Ticket Status, you will be prompted to provide a comment and a Resolution and/or Root Cause if applicable.

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