Dashboard Drill Downs

This article will help you access dashboard drill down from custom dashboards, survey insights, and tickets.

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Using the Loop 360 user interface (UI), users can analyze dashboard panels in greater detail through the addition of drill downs. Clicking on a data point on any chart panel will allow users to see a more granular view of the given data set. Drill downs on dashboard panels that surround survey responses show all relevant responses that form the dataset. Users have the ability to navigate from the drill down to a specific response of interest.

Accessing Dashboard Drill Downs from Custom Dashboards

From the new Projects tab in your left side bar you can access your customizable dashboard or create your dashboard from create button. For more information about projects and creating dashboards, please visit the Project Folder Creation article.

You can view the specific panel in your custom dashboard of interest and hover over the data point you wish to view. This will provide you a summary box from the data point selected.

You can navigate further by clicking the data point to view all the responses in the desired dataset. You can also navigate to a particular response of interest in the view column. This can be done for any chart panel surrounding a variety of items such as tickets, NPS, Response count, CSAT scores, etc.

Accessing Dashboard Drill Downs from Projects Survey Insights

Upon navigating into a desired survey project, you can easily view preset reporting metrics in the survey insights tab.

In this tab you will find curated panels corresponding to the question types you included within your survey. Note: the contents of this tab can be exported to a PDF document to allow for convenient distribution amongst your team.

Similar to the behaviour present in custom dashboard panels for Enterprise Account users, selecting any given data point on a chart panel will provide a drill down.

Accessing Dashboard Drill Downs from Ticket Insights

Drill downs on dashboard panels that surround ticket reporting offer users the ability to navigate directly from the drill down to the ticket which generated the data. To learn more about tickets and ticket management, please see the Ticket Management Article.

Tickets can be accessed from the Tickets Tab found in the main navigation bar. Within the pane located to the left of the Tickets page, both views and insights can be found. Similar to the insights tab found within survey projects, ticket insights consist of a series of preset panels which express readily available reporting data. Interacting with a specific data point on any chart panel found in this tab will provide a drill down.

Filtering Dashboards

Filtering options, allowing users greater flexibility when configuring their dashboards. The new filtering options introduced in this release include:

  • Last 15 Days

  • Last 60 Days

  • Last 3 Months

  • Last 6 Months

  • Last 9 Months

  • Last Year

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