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How to Design your survey in Loop 360
How to Design your survey in Loop 360
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
Updated over a week ago

Loop 360 users now have access to an enhanced survey building experience. An improved user interface will see users being able to design surveys more seamlessly than ever before.

Click on your survey project and you will be presented with a new screen with multiple tabs towards the top of the page. The default view is the Summary tab, but you will also see tabs for Design, Distributions, Actions, Insights, Responses, and Translations. To begin designing your survey, you will want to click on the tab that says Design. To learn how to create your project, please visit Survey Project Creation.

In the new Survey Builder, you will see various question types that can be added to your survey on the left. Clicking one will automatically add that question type to your survey. To learn about survey question types in detail, please visit Question Types Index.

Once you added the question, you can edit the question title on the right hand menu.

After having been added, users may interact with a question to configure it further. Options such as requiring user to answer the question, choosing specific survey category, and theming can be selected.

Note: only one survey category is associated to a single question. To learn about how to create a survey category, please visit Project Category Creation.

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