Segmenting Contacts
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
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Creating segments within Loop is a means of grouping contacts together by common attributes to define a specific audience. Broadcast Messaging uses segments to define the recipients of a particular message.

For example, by default there is a "customize your stay" broadcast message set to run on the segment of contacts who are 2 days pre-arrival, and this message is scheduled to run once a day.

If the hotel imports a contact named John Smith, with an email address, and he is 2 days or less pre-arrival, he will receive an email like the one below the next time that particular broadcast message is scheduled to execute.

Loop has four pre-configured segments for hospitality that can be use to send targeted messages to guests and have them engaged in order to capture the voice of the customer.

  • 2-Days Pre-Arrival

  • Post-Check-In

  • Day of Check-Out

  • 1-Day Post-Stay

The 2-Day Pre-Arrival segment will be the first opportunity to reach out to guests and invite them to use Loop. It is typically a dark communication period wherein the booking system has nothing more to communicate to the guest and the hotel is not yet handing on-site communication.

More segments can be defined based on the variety of attributes about the guests.

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