Broadcast Messaging Overview
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
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Broadcast Messaging through Loop allows users to send messages to guests based on established segments. These messages can be set up in order to contact guests pre-arrival, in-stay or post-stay at a property.

The source contacts for the Broadcast Messaging feature will primarily be a pre-arrival report from a Property Management System (PMS).

The PMS is the authority on contact data from Loop's perspective. Loop can get contact data from the PMS one of two ways: via direct PMS or middleware integration options, or through a manual process where Loop imports contacts from the pre-arrival report.

To follow the import process, a hotel will have to verify that their PMS can generate a pre-arrival report in .csv format. This file must contain the following information for each upcoming guest:

  • Name

  • Email address and/or phone number

  • Room number

  • Arrival date

  • Departure date

Depending on the PMS system the hotel uses, each will have its own unique capabilities and configuration required to get the pre-arrival report out of the system. Some PMS systems can schedule reports to be sent out and others cannot.

Where there is no automation possible from the hotel PMS, the hotel daily standard operating procedure will be to use the Contact Import Wizard to process a manually exported .csv file each day in order to import new guest stay details at regular intervals.

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