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Overview of Loop 360 Platform
Overview of Loop 360 Platform
Written by Aniko Villeneuve
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Loop 360 provides real-time feedback, messaging, analytics, and action with automation to deliver an exceptional customer experience. With any channel you deploy, all customer engagement and feedback is housed in one easy-to-use platform.

See below for a high-level overview of Loop 360's key features to help you get started with your account.

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Loop Inbox

When you log into your account, it will automatically take you to your Loop Inbox. All conversations with customers from Survey Feedback to Web Chats are directed into the Loop Inbox messaging system.

The conversation list view is where you can see any tags related to the conversation, the channel from which the contact is messaging you from, and the overall sentiment.

Select a specific conversation to view feedback responses (if applicable), which you can reply to (visible to the customer) or make an internal note (not visible to the customer). Once you finish the conversation with your customer, you can archive the conversation.

You can also see contact details on the far right and create tickets to assign action items to your team members.

To learn more, visit our Inbox Overview article.

Loop Survey Projects

Projects tab houses all your survey and custom dashboard projects in one place. You can create as many surveys as you like in your account by clicking the 'create' button.

When creating a survey, you will be directed to a summary tab. Your Survey Project has these following key features:

  • 'Design' tab is where you can build and edit your survey.

  • 'Distribution' tab has all channels that your survey is distributed.

  • 'Insights' tab provides you with dashboard trends that can also be exported as a PDF.

  • 'Responses' tab is all survey responses including any contact and response details.

Click on the links to learn more about Survey Design and Insights.


Tickets are a great way to manage your workflow and handle customer complaints. You can create a ticket from your Inbox or automatically from your Survey Actions based on a survey response.

You can learn more about our tickets in our Ticket Management Overview.


Based on your user permissions you will be able to access Settings. In the Settings tab, you will find the following to edit your account:

  • Account

  • Locations

  • Notifications

  • Tickets

  • Inbox

  • Survey

  • Integrations


For any questions you have about your account, you can contact Customer Support or view more help articles.

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